Introducing The Harmonious Code Council

Working to harmonize state and federal medical marijuana laws.

The HCC is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to passing legislation allowing state-passed medical marijuana law to co-exist with Federal law.

There is no truly legal marijuana. Yet.

The majority of states, including the District of Columbia, have legalized some form of marijuana at the state level, but all efforts to change federal legislation have failed. A full legislative victory could take many years to achieve, so we need a transitional solution that everyone can support.

Patients and providers
are suffering


Even in states that have voted to legalize cannabis, citizens have to choose between obeying either the state or the federal law. They must also choose which law to disobey.


Under the eyes of the federal government, anyone involved in the marijuana industry – even a patient – is in violation of federal law.


Some state-law-abiding citizens have been prosecuted, but future administrations may take enforcement more seriously.


Within the industry, business owners cannot open a bank account or provide employee insurance. They are in violation of Federal law in numerous ways, which can often carry felony charges.

Perfect Harmony

We imagine an environment where medical marijuana patients and providers don’t have to live in fear of federal prosecution – where abiding to state-passed medical marijuana laws doesn’t come with the danger of the government knocking down your door.

The Solution

Many lofty efforts have been attempted to change federal law, but ultimately failed. For now, the best answer is to pass legislation that allows state marijuana law to exist in harmony with federal law, effectively harmonizing the medical marijuana legal landscape.

If passed, this law would legalize medical marijuana in the states that have voted to do so, freeing patients and providers from the fear of federal prosecution.

Who will benefit?



Service Industries

State Government

Laws can’t change by themselves,

So we need your support! The HCC team has deep experience lobbying for, introducing, and passing groundbreaking medical legislation in Congress. We have developed a detailed plan of action and are seeking funding to begin execution. Donate now, and your efforts will go directly toward the harmonization of state and federal medical marijuana laws.



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